Thursday, June 29, 2017

M17x R2 - 2017 June Update Current Performance

WEI Result
This is the latest WEI Result for my current M17x-R2. Some of the upgrades that was made are:

  1. Processor upgraded to i7-920XM from i7-720QM - USD$60 (Aliexpress)
  2. RAM upgraded to Kingston HyperV 8GB 1600(1333) from Hynix 8GB 1066 - USD$135.00 (eBay)
  3. GPU upgraded to HD8970 4GB from HD5870 1GB - USD$556.00 (eBay UpgradeMonkey)
  4. HDD0 upgarded to Kingston SSD 3K HyperX 120Gb from Seagate Maximus XT 500GB - USD$114.90 (eBay)
  5. HDD1 upgraded to Seagate M9T 2TB from Seagate Maximus XT 500GB - USD$ I forgot, probably around 130-160
  6. Wireless card upgraded to Bigfoot Networks Killer N-1202 Notebook Wireless Card - USD$ 44.95(Amazon)
* item no 1 is upgraded on 2017 march
* item no 5 is upgraded on 2014 dec
* the rest of the upgrades were done on between 2013 oct to 2014 april

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New improvement after flashing Modded Bios of Alienware M17x-R2

Below is the screen shot before the Modded Bios install.
and this is the new test result of the assessment.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

my new alienware m17x


Thursday, April 29, 2010


now im currently jailbreaking my iphone and doing some experiment for iphone 3Gs.

for hati2 virus info:
* As far as i know it only infect nokia Os 7 and Os8 such as : nokia n70, nokia 7610, nokia 6680, nokia 6681, nokia 6630, nokia 6600 and etc. currently there was no possibility that this virus can infect latest nokia model such as nokia 5800, n95 but there was small chance that this virus can infect on hacked nokia phone.

* Usually the virus application was named as "Guardian" or "Mediaplay" with unknown icon

* The virus can make your phone sending installer that contain virus installer through bluetooth even your bluetooth turn off

* It will send sms to international number and due to that action, dst will block your sms service as it can lag they system.

* In my experience, a mobile anti-virus can't detect the virus but recently i managed to get the virus by using kaspersky 2010. it is possible that the new kaspersky anti-virus for mobile phone can detect it.(you can buy the anti-virus at netcom or ebay)

* In my new research, the new hati2 virus cannot be format by just hard format but you need to reflash the phone (to reflash the phone, you need to go to phone service center).

Sunday, March 22, 2009

to download N-Gage BINPDA

How to hack your N95 latest firmware hackproof

first, you need the 17thing certificate by following instruction below.
then download helloOX and signed it with 17thing certificate then install to your phone.
then run HelloOX.
then delete HelloOX and run ROMPatcher and apply open4all patch.

ENJOY!! install any application without any problem.

To Install n-gage hack games, just apply the open4all patch then disable the patch so you can play the game..PEACE

How to Get 17thing Certificate

go to " ".
make sure you register first and must have 15 post so you could request for the certificate.

*your request will be finish in 24 hour so just wait.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

my status

busy researching for new simple and easiest method to hack nokia symbian 3rd edition phone...please wait for my new post

get your device certificate

go to and insert your imei (to get imei number,press *#06# on standby screen) number at proper box and insert the verification number and press the right button beside the verification code.then wait for 24hour and repeat this method. You will directed to the link to download your device certificate.

*this certificate is useful to sign installer because the new N95 firmware is hackproof so you cant hack your phone just by hellocarbide.
*to download installer signer, just go to and scroll down until you find three button. All you need is to click the middle button and it will directed you to download page

Sunday, January 11, 2009

How to get memory card's password from the nokia S60 phone

For 1st,2nd edition just run X-plore and search "mmcstore" at "c://system" while for 3rd edition,you need to hack your phone first and run capsoff.then run X-plore and go to "C://sys/data" and copy mmcstore to anywhere and rename to "mmcstore.txt"..then enjoy..cheers..

Friday, January 9, 2009

N95 waterbox

N95 waterbox using accelerometer

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

To Hack Opera 8.60 3rd Edition

Run Xplore and go to C:\System\data\viger.dat and set attributes to Read-Only.

by following this step,the evaluation day will stuck forever and you can use Opera without any problem.

*work on nokia 3rd Edition,not tested on 1st & 2nd edition

Monday, December 29, 2008

How to Hack your Nokia S60 3rd Edition

First you need to download hellocarbide, installserver 9.1 for N80,N73 and installserver 9.2 for N95, LonelyCat Xplore. You can get this file at for computer or for mobile web.

First step: install & enter hellocarbide and choose menu1. *make sure xplore is active in background because once you enter menu1, all application will not work until you restart your phone

second step: enter LCG xplore and extract installserver file to C://sys/bin

third step: restart your phone ane more certificate error when installing a application

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Did you know...

Did you know that N95 have hidden capabilities Accelerometer or well known as Motion Sensor...

nokia theme editor

to edit Nokie Theme or create just download the Carbide UI 3.3 at Nokia homepage...but if you download 3.1,you will get a bug on nokia N73..

Nokia Codes *most work on classic nokia like 3330

Things to access off the main screen:
If you want your factory settings restored press:*#7780#
Want to get rid of the operator logo (very annoying), try:*#67705646#
To track down the address of your Bluetooth device press:*#2820#
See what the SIM clock status is: *#746085685#
To unlock Super M. Bison: go to Bison in Arcade mode, hold Start and press A.
Locate your phone’s unique International Mobile Equipment Identity: *#06#
Double check the call waiting status of your phone: *#43#
Try to reset phone timers and game scores: *#73#
View private number (little suspicious of this): *#30#
To show software version: *#0000#
To activate the Half Rate Codex and double capacity for voice traffic:*#4720#
In order to deactivate it:*#4720*
Activate Enhanced Full Rate Codec for maximized sound quality: *3370#
Deactivate and add approximately 5% more talk time: #3370#
Check number where "On No Reply" calls are diverting: *#61#
See manufactures code: *#7760#
Check out the Provider Lock Status: #pw+1234567890+1#
The Network Lock Status: #pw+1234567890+2#
Country Lock Status: #pw+1234567890+3#
And SIM Card Lock Status: #pw+1234567890+4#
Additionally, entering "*#92702689#" brings up a subdirectory that displays the serial number, date made, purchase date, date of last repair (if applicable), and transfer user data.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

How to change your nokia S60 3rd Editon Fonts..

its simple the method to change the font.

step 1 : choose your font from your pc(C://windows/fonts/)*please choose three font for bold,regular and tittle font.

step 2 : create folder " fonts " inside the resource folder (E:/resource/) on your phone memory.

step 3 : rename your font to :
" nosnr60.ttf " - regular
" nssb60.ttf " - bold
" nstsb60.ttf " - tittle

example : your font name is ARIAL.ttf . then rename it to nosnr60.ttf .got that?

simple right?you can do this in a few minute...if u want to remove the font,please turn off your phone den take ur memory card out...den insert it back after startup nokia image...oky.