Saturday, August 16, 2008

How to change your nokia S60 3rd Editon Fonts..

its simple the method to change the font.

step 1 : choose your font from your pc(C://windows/fonts/)*please choose three font for bold,regular and tittle font.

step 2 : create folder " fonts " inside the resource folder (E:/resource/) on your phone memory.

step 3 : rename your font to :
" nosnr60.ttf " - regular
" nssb60.ttf " - bold
" nstsb60.ttf " - tittle

example : your font name is ARIAL.ttf . then rename it to nosnr60.ttf .got that?

simple right?you can do this in a few minute...if u want to remove the font,please turn off your phone den take ur memory card out...den insert it back after startup nokia image...oky.