Wednesday, June 16, 2010

my new alienware m17x


Thursday, April 29, 2010


now im currently jailbreaking my iphone and doing some experiment for iphone 3Gs.

for hati2 virus info:
* As far as i know it only infect nokia Os 7 and Os8 such as : nokia n70, nokia 7610, nokia 6680, nokia 6681, nokia 6630, nokia 6600 and etc. currently there was no possibility that this virus can infect latest nokia model such as nokia 5800, n95 but there was small chance that this virus can infect on hacked nokia phone.

* Usually the virus application was named as "Guardian" or "Mediaplay" with unknown icon

* The virus can make your phone sending installer that contain virus installer through bluetooth even your bluetooth turn off

* It will send sms to international number and due to that action, dst will block your sms service as it can lag they system.

* In my experience, a mobile anti-virus can't detect the virus but recently i managed to get the virus by using kaspersky 2010. it is possible that the new kaspersky anti-virus for mobile phone can detect it.(you can buy the anti-virus at netcom or ebay)

* In my new research, the new hati2 virus cannot be format by just hard format but you need to reflash the phone (to reflash the phone, you need to go to phone service center).