Thursday, June 29, 2017

M17x R2 - 2017 June Update Current Performance

WEI Result
This is the latest WEI Result for my current M17x-R2. Some of the upgrades that was made are:

  1. Processor upgraded to i7-920XM from i7-720QM - USD$60 (Aliexpress)
  2. RAM upgraded to Kingston HyperV 8GB 1600(1333) from Hynix 8GB 1066 - USD$135.00 (eBay)
  3. GPU upgraded to HD8970 4GB from HD5870 1GB - USD$556.00 (eBay UpgradeMonkey)
  4. HDD0 upgarded to Kingston SSD 3K HyperX 120Gb from Seagate Maximus XT 500GB - USD$114.90 (eBay)
  5. HDD1 upgraded to Seagate M9T 2TB from Seagate Maximus XT 500GB - USD$ I forgot, probably around 130-160
  6. Wireless card upgraded to Bigfoot Networks Killer N-1202 Notebook Wireless Card - USD$ 44.95(Amazon)
* item no 1 is upgraded on 2017 march
* item no 5 is upgraded on 2014 dec
* the rest of the upgrades were done on between 2013 oct to 2014 april

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